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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

221. Corbyn is also dangerous....

The gap between reality and media soundbites is increasing in the UK. This problem is compounded by the lack of a functioning opposition. Jeremy Corbyn is less use than a teacup in a Tsunami. I’ve railed against the ineffectual clown Corbyn while the left was still swooning over him. They are not so keen now and it’s got much worse.

‘Turkeys voting for Christmas’ was a phrase used about Brexit supporters. For the non-US or non-UK reader, turkeys are traditionally eaten at Christmas / Thanksgiving. In the US, turkeys were given to European settlers by the Native American Indians to keep the white invaders alive through winter. Those same Europeans then wiped out the Indians, as we know, so there is a whole other dimension there that I won’t go into now. But you get the analogy.

Here, as in America, fear and xenophobia triumphed. Many areas of the UK which benefited most from EU membership voted heavily to leave the EU. It’s done. But it is hard to swallow the sickly, repeated refrain that everything is fine.

It is not.

As the reality gap in the UK gets ever larger, people are falling into the crevasse. And just as the formal opposition failed miserably to provide leadership during the referendum campaign, the dysfunctional Labour party continue whining from the side-lines while being 100% ineffectual.

One beautiful result is the grass roots protests, marches, huge displays of solidarity, defiance and anger against the fascist populism infecting both the US and the UK. If you want to lift your spirits view some of the marches, the numbers of them the extent of them, the mix and wondrous variety of people taking part. The banners are sometimes personal, imaginative and often downright hilarious. We need that.

But the people who were not taken in by the vile propaganda and blatant lies and those who were are being let down badly.

I can’t decide if Prime Minister Theresa May is a rabbit caught in the headlights or a headless chicken in a coop full of headless chickens.

The foundations on which our economy is based are ephemeral. See blogs 202 – The Tat Economy or blog 208. The Cannibal Economy.

Personal debt is an enormous partially submerged iceberg.

Xenophobia is out of control (thanks Farage). This matters because, for example, applications from the EU to our universities are down, massively cutting revenue. The NHS is struggling to recruit staff. And so on.

Meanwhile, Uncle Jez Corbyn and his limp crew repeatedly fail to not fail. They are worse than hopeless. Yes, Trump is a dangerous, lunatic conman, elevated by lizard woman Kellyann Conway. But when the leaders are bonkers or out of touch, formal opposition matters. As has already been proven, the courts and the people can be trampled.

The UKs opposition party, led by another lover of wedding cake, Jeremy Corbyn, is useless. Pathetic. And right now, not having an effective opposition is dangerous.

So, I listen in the morning to some BBC news (in between the sport and the bovine chit chat) and the people they choose to interview (when they are not platforming Nigel Farage) are banging on about how well the economy is doing. Then I go to my local supermarket and a single item that I bought a few weeks ago, for 65 pence is now 89 pence. You clever people can work out the % increase.

The disconnect is messing with my head.

I want to go and visit one of my daughters and I find the ticket price, despite the appalling state of the UK rail network, makes my eyes water.

A family friend who works in the banking sector and who is facing redundancy, is currently training the workers who will be doing his job when it is shipped abroad as the banking sector abandon a sinking ship. More of my friends, lucky enough to have jobs, are doing increased workloads for ever decreasing pay.

Homelessness is at a record level and if you include families living in insecure accommodation, it is epidemic.

One of the worst UK energy providers (and I should know as I was once an N-Power customer) just announced a 10% price hike.

Yet, folk in-the-know keep telling us everything is groovy. So, it must be, mustn’t it? 

I hate to be a killjoy but I’ve been right about other stuff that politicians – the media – even professional pollsters have got very wrong – like election results. I see the Empire Zombies taking us over a cliff and my stomach is in my chest as I sense the drop.

There are one of two things going on here. Either I am living in a parallel universe, which is always a possibility or we are being fed dishonest shit by the government and the mainstream media.

Time will tell.

One thing is for sure – the turkeys who voted for Christmas are being led by headless chickens and Jeremy Corbyn is a lame duck...

THANK YOU to everyone who responded to the bandcamp shout out last week and, by purchasing a download of Casey & the Surfmen, contributed to those attempting to oppose Trump's hideous policies.

The Guardian published my letter on the Corbyn chasm on 5th Feb 2017 if you want to take a look.
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