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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

223 Good Stuff (2)

Some people care.

Ok – I am digging deep (that is a pun, you’ll see why) because I promised you two weeks of positive out of the current insanity.

So, as the Washington farce continues and the UK Brexit Danse Macabre goes ga ga and Marine Le Pen has political orgasms over the possibility of inflicting the same carnage in France – here is a scintilla of good stuff.

Here in Scotland there is evidence that some movers and shakers care about the planet.

While ex-Oklahoma senator and Attorney General who ignored calls to regulate fracking - Scott Pruitt - is now head of America’s Environmental Protection Agency, I have better news from Edinburgh. Yes, though Scott Pruitt, who presided over a 10-fold increase in  serious earthquakes in Oklahoma is now employed to look after the environment in the US, here in Scotland there is evidence that people want to keep the world habitable.

This evening (Feb 21st) I’ll be performing at a ‘Speak up for the Environment’ event in the Scottish Parliament. The week-long programme will involve politicians and delegates from charities and organisations at the forefront of environmental protection.

As well as some adult satirical poetry, I’ll be reading a section from Casey & the Surfmen my epic poetry tale about wrecking the land for profit. In this story, Casey, with the help of the ancient surfmen, triumphs over the digger men, their corruption, greed and lies (we can all dream!)

Also, thanks to those who heeded the call to buy from bandcamp on Fri Feb 3rd when bandcamp were donating their proceeds to American Civil Liberties.
Check Casey & the Surfmen out


Satirical business as usual next week.

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  1. Sounds like a great event, Amanda!