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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

295. Brexit is Britain’s Hecatomb

Boris Johnson claims he didn’t mention a Turkish migrant invasion during the referendum. Oddly, everyone remembers his scare tactic comments  so clearly there's no need even to fact check. But, in the scheme of things frankly you have to respond – yes, so what?

In Corbyn we have an opposition leader who neither leads nor opposes (any fellow lefties who took me to task when I said – on this blog - that he would be a disaster for Labour - shortly after he was elected - may want to come back to me now with their current arguments about the great man? No? Ok...

We have a leader who does not lead and cannot even claim now to have her own faction – despised as she is by the rabid Brexiteers, the soft Leavers and the despairing Remainers.

We have ten DUP members brought and bought in to prop up a pitiful administration. They, of course represent Ireland. Ireland voted to Remain as passionately as Scotland did and yet the DUP dinosaurs hover like Dementors in the dark screeching and swooping out on a Brexit full moon to feast on Theresa May’s hopes  if she dares deviate from the Brexit disaster they crave.

Gove was one of the big liars of the referendum con and now simply sings out his silly tune about a No Deal being a disaster as if the results of May’s Brexit deal would be a picnic.

And Farage – that maggot in almost-human form – is warning people to prepare for another referendum – when presumably he’d dig up some new improved xenophobia.

The history of war is littered with the trusting masses being led by their social superiors to slaughter. Time and again, throughout the ages, those vain or stupid or stubborn (or all of the above) ‘leaders’ led ordinary men to useless deaths. The Charge of the Light Brigade the famous poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (my mother forced me to learn it when I was a child!) was an attempt to make a silk purse out of that particular sow’s ear. The infamous charge during The Battle of Balaclava 25th October 1854 was one of the worst massacres of the Crimean War. Of the 675 infantrymen who were ordered into the cannon fire – few returned but they were sent into the horrific suicide charge without there ever being a chance of any other outcome.

The Charge of the Light Brigade was a hecatomb.

In ancient Greece – a hecatomb was a great and public sacrifice – initially of 100 oxen. It became a term attached to war carnage on an excessive and pointless scale. Unnecessary sacrifices led to slaughter in other words.

Brexit is Britain’s political hecatomb and above are listed some of its perpetrators.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

294. Brex-Zit. If you’re not embarrassed, you should be…

Yes. The big Brexit zit on the face of Britain is still there. 

We may have hoped it would go away over the too short winter break of the Christmas / New Year holiday but it hasn’t. It is the result of eating, not sugary fatty foods but the unwholesome stodge of xenophobia, stupidity and populist soundbites and the horrible zit is unlikely to be lanced by the vote scheduled in Parliament today. We will, instead, like a greasy muddle headed, self-centred teenager – just end up with a messy, infected sore on the face of UK democracy.

A world habitable by humans moves exponentially closer to the precipice while Britain throws time, money (ferry contract anyone?) effort, media obsession, passionless posturing, exasperation and exhaustion into the pointless but cavernous Brexit pit we dug ourselves into.

Prime Minister May is still pretending she has a deal that makes sense to anyone.

Corbyn still has not let us in on the secret of what he actually thinks about Brexit despite the best endeavours of Emily Thornberry (should-be leader of the Labour party) and Keir Starmer (shadow secretary for exiting the EU) and John Macdonnell (shadow chancellor) to come out and pretend to everyone that he has. 

Macdonnell and Corbyn see the current mess – which, as I’ve said many times on this blog, Corbyn was, by his ineptitude and prevarication and confused thinking, complicit in – as their chance for another General Election. I presume these two old farts think they will then ride off to Brussels a couple of hours before the deadline, explain to the 27 remaining countries that they too actually hate Europe in a stuck- in-the-1970s way, not really understanding modern work practices – but could they please have a better deal than the one given to Theresa May?

I wonder how that would go?

Despite the enormous amount of time and effort it has taken for Boris Johnson to contribute to wrecking Britain he has, apparently, found yet another woman to shack up with… He’s still lying his head off while she, presumably, is lying back and thinking of Little England.

And the craziest thing – apart from the way the Scots and the Irish were conned out of a hopeful future by English Nationalism - is that those, dizzy and blinded by the dusty, destructive windiness that is Westminster, seem to think the rest of the world has not been watching every mean, miserable moment aghast.

The idea that the countries formerly exploited by Britain are not now sitting in bemused judgement on us, like young adults watching a senile bullying old uncle slavering into his incontinence pants, is so naïve as to constitute raging insanity.

 But the world is watching this car crash. The world is appalled that a wealthy nation with everything of its own resources and all that it has gained from the rest of the globe over the centuries, should be squandering what other countries can only dream of and we really, really ought to be embarrassed…

Check out my comedy poem on this subject
African Journalist in Britain.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Sound of Brexit.

Let’s start at the very beginning
It’s a very good place to start…

As our xenophobia-inspired Brexit chaos continues unabated, it is worth recapping, on this first day of 2019, just how we got here…

1.    Illegal invasion of Iraq
2.     Destabilisation of the Middle East
3.     Mass migration
4.     Fear of mass migration and the rise of the mediocre in government
5.     Greed, more corruption, more greed and the financial global meltdown of 2008
6.     Huge increase in volume of the voices from the delinquent right coupled with mad delusions about the past
7.     Failure of opposition and the success of big, loud lies
8.     Brexit

I know - i was supposed to be taking a break and i've not managed it (see the last four posts). Hey ho. But the first proper blog will still be Jan 14th. Remember to check my book page

Tuesday, 25 December 2018


Corbyn is a pudding and the PM is a turkey
The railways are in chaos and the banks are rather murky
But at least it’s Christmas and we’re buying piles of tat
Oh Jesus Christ, what d’ya think of that?

Corbyn is a fruitcake, Theresa is a stick,
The high street’s for the high jump and the NHS is sick
But at least it’s Christmas with our faces in our phones
Oh Jesus can you please control those drones.

May is a bit racist, Corbyn’s a bit slow
The environment is knackered and we ain't had any snow
Theresa gave us Windrush and the nasty ‘go home’ van
Jesus help us, Jeremy Corbyn still thinks he’s our man.

Jezz cannot articulate and May don’t give a shit
Brexit is Apocalypse and we are all bound by it
There is no Great Escape; there is only Die Hard 4
Oh Jesus Christ I can’t take any more.

There is no leadership, there is no opposition
Nobody is driving so we can’t change our position
How did we get to such a state, we didn’t think it through
Its Christmas once again lord but
It’s now to do with you…

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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Gatwick is hilarious...

...aint it?
cos the UK Government reckons it is going to solve the self-made Irish border Brexit crisis with Britain's masterful use of TECHNOLOGY.
Oh - and after mystery drones closed Gatwick - Heathrow has an IT crash. You couldn't make it up.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Trump is preferable to Brexit

Can we swap?
Trump is breaking down like a festering wound and will implode in a ball of orange puss soon but Theresa May refuses to let the Brexit boil come to a head so it will just putrefy and infect the whole UK body forever…

(I know I said no more til January -I think its blogg Tourette's...)

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Strictly Come Brain Death…

As the brats in the Brexit 6th form common room continue their bickering – these are just some of the things not being attended to;

Record personal debt (the sort that triggered the last economic meltdown), homelessness, NHS collapsing under the weight of PFI corruption, broken infrastructure (roads and railways etc.), the environment, homophobia, recruitment crisis in education, obesity, child poverty, crisis in care for the elderly, the pension time bomb, growing inequality, racism, anti-Semitism, modern slavery, child abuse and so on and on and on.

But the bread and circuses of Strictly Come brain death, X-farting and wash your mind clean of ideas with a soap opera (even one with a BBC overspend of £27 million) – won’t keep the masses docile forever.

(I know I said no more blogs til jan - that's really it now - unless...)