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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Blog 126. Cameron Vs Brown Girl - solves the TV debate debate.

Cameron can represent privileged out-of-touch white blokes who think a sound-bite is a policy, have dodgy mates with wildly inflated ideas of their own worth, who think a ‘moral dilemma’ means considering whether or not you will get caught out tax dodging - and I’ll have a go at representing EVERYONE ELSE.


We saw in 2010 what a soap opera a ‘leaders’ debate was (isn't that how we ended up with Clegg?) But if we must have one, I propose the solution above.


Like me you may already feel a guilty desire to be distracted from the looming depressing horror show which is May 7th and the unedifying votes bidding war. Here then is a little BGOTR smorgasbord of random alternative short diversions from the archives;

For Bonkers Bigotry click here

Something to keep the kids calm for half an hour or get them to sleep (!) visit

And if you’re worried you’re going crazy – rest assured you are quite normal – relatively speaking - this is what I did last half term,

For Funny Feminism go to blog 69.

And free membership is still available for - The Crap Gap Club - see blog 113.

I hope that helps keeps you sane till next Tuesday...

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