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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

219. God created Empire Zombies, Trump & Silver Bullets

Come on, stick with me now, you know it will work out…

A silver bullet is – in common parlance - an absolute solution to a difficult problem. The term springs from the notion that silver bullets were the ultimate and terminal antidote to supernatural evil creatures; most specifically werewolves. And let’s face it many people are howling at the moon right now – not least the Brexiters or The Empire Zombies.

We are lead (no pun intended) to believe the power of the silver bullet is mythical like the unicorn, fairies, and equality.

But metaphorical silver bullets can work.

For example -
The UK’s National Health Service is in crisis again. We are often told there is no easy solution, no silver bullet, but there is. There is one catch-all answer to the questions of poor management, under-funding and the current siphoning off of money by private companies. No one who has private health care should be allowed to make decisions about the NHS. That’s it. Simple. If they had to use it they wouldn’t abuse it.

Ditto state education.

As for the weirding of politics and the rise of dangerous short-term populism? There is a double-barrel shot gun of silver bullets. For example, no one who exclusively gets their news off facebook OR spends more than 4 hours a week watching reality TV will in future be allowed to vote.

Let’s take a more specific issue – the irritating arse-wits in this country who keep banging on about ‘foreigners not speaking good English’. Firstly – a lot of British people don’t speak good English. Anyone bellyaching about language rather than making people feel welcome so they WANT to integrate, should be barred from any country whose language they don’t speak. Unfortunately, that would mean the return of thousands of loud orange ex-pats that we could probably do without.

How about - trolls actually have to live under bridges…

It even works on a smaller scale.

Shop till workers would be allowed to ignore rude people who don’t get off their phones when they are being served.

And so on.

The beauty is that these metaphorical silver bullets are about using the wrong-doers ‘wrongness’ against them. So, if I can come up with this maybe God did too.

Suddenly the madness of the last two years starts to make sense.

I’ve been wondering why / how here in the UK we’ve ended up with a bunch of halfwits trashing the country so effectively and how has the US ended up with Dump and his slimy cronies. And then it dawned on me. If God was looking for a silver bullet to cure American arrogance/dominance, to lance the boil of rampant consumerism etc. – what better than an arrogant, self-aggrandising, narcissistic mega-consumer who doesn’t understand the difference between truth and lies? It’s like America just publicly pulled down its knickers and wobbled its flabby bum at the rest of the world.

And to cure the conceited, entitled, born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-their-mouths elite in a country that made its historic wealth from colonialism and slavery – we have the Empire Zombies with the mentality which gave us Brexit and is evident in the horribly cringe-worthy foot-stamping negotiating attitude to Europe.

After centuries of Britain riding rough shod over many other peoples, unexpectedly the colonial fog has gone and it is as clear as day to the rest of the world that the scrawny old Emperors are wearing no clothes and have been naked for some time.

How else do you explain the inexplicable and the apparent car-crash of coincidental horrors? The FBI leak, the Russian involvement, peak stupidity/misogyny and racism, a flawed electoral system, Republican political constipation, and a handy tax-avoiding sociopath to take advantage of all that?

The anti-Brexit campaign is stymied from ever gaining momentum by being associated with people we cannot stomach like Allan Milburn and Tony Blair (yeah – you know the guy who kicked off the middle east crisis that lead to Armageddon and the migrant crisis – that guy). The old Etonian David Cameron was happy to play Russian roulette with Britain's future and there has been NO FUNCTIONING OPPOSITION for a long time leaving a vacuum for xenophobia to get hold and Farage...oh jeeez Farage.

For the struggling world to get out from under the 1st world shade they needed to see that what they feared or respected or thought was immovable is just a tired old mess. If you wanted to show the downtrodden, abused exploited people of the world that the old oppressors are no more, you could not do better than Dump and Brexit.

You got to hand it to the big guy – it’s going to hurt but its weirdly, hypnotically beautiful.


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