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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

blog 153. George ROBBING HOODLUM Osborne – steals from the poor to appear generous to the desperate!

To fund the desperate refugees fleeing conflict (see last week’s blog) – the chancellor  George Osborne is not going to squeeze tax avoiders who are so eye-wateringly wealthy they have to employ specialists to help them secrete their billions offshore. No – in a twist to the Robin Hood legend - he is going to use the aid budget. He is going to rob the poor to fund the desperate.

As it happens I have a similar honours degree to George Osborne at the same grade - though I went on to study law as well - albeit without benefit of a highly privileged and stonkingly expensive private education. How come I can see that his solution is morally grubby - and he can’t?

Are we living on the same planet?
The madness juxtaposed into the last few days has got my head spinning...

  • ·        A teenaged footballer was sold for £36million while another overpaid ex ball-kicker famous for not saying much decided to ‘have a go’ at acting.
  • ·        Meanwhile Britain finally acknowledged the Middle East refugee shame after seeing a pitiful photo of a drowned child.
  • ·        And grown women paraded almost naked in public at an event called the MTV awards (More Tits & Vacuousness?)
  • ·        A boy band breaking up - made ongoing global headlines and adults were reportedly offered counselling for the trauma.
  • ·        Scientists blew our minds by announcing that children who watch too much TV don’t do as well at school (whoda thunk?)
  • ·        The British Establishment dished out silly titles to arse lickers, bag carriers and wealthy political donors so that a whole host of flesh-pressers and mediocre has-beens will henceforth be known as honourable.
  • ·        Six+ years and £10million after it began, the Chilcot enquiry into the Iraq war is still not ready to report to the public.
  • ·        Perhaps to get in quick before Chilcot – Cameron had a dabble at killing people illegally ‘over there’.
  • ·        The church that ignored mass child rape perpetrated by its priests for many decades announced it would forgive women who had abortions!
  • ·        The press gushed and gushed about Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother and The Great British Bake Off. (So even those of us without TVs can’t avoid this inane, diversionary crap).
  • ·        It turns out we’re close to the point in human mess-making where almost all seabirds will have some level of plastic in their digestive systems.
  • ·        Any number of self obsessed morons who are dizzily spinning in their own vanity vortexes forked out for more gross plastic surgery.

If anyone can explain how this even begins to make sense I am all ears...

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