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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Blog 121. Apple’s iProfit Success Secret is...

...Consumers are MORONS.

One has to assume this to be Apple’s working model.

I’m not sure how to spin this week’s blog out to the usual 700 – 1000 words because there is little else to say.

Apple’s £11.8bn iWatering first quarter profit is based on people buying shiny new shit because of a. sophisticated advertising b. the cynical, contemptuous short-term obsolescence built in to the last bit of iTat.

iConsumers are MORONS – is maybe a company mantra?

Perhaps if you’re one of the iPurchasers who bought new because the glossy thingy Apple sold you 6 months ago no longer does-iT, just repeat,
Consumers are morons’
until you get to about 800 words...

N.B in case of confusion
A customer is someone who buys what they need/want

A consumer is someone who shops for what is advertised regardless of price-benefit ratio.

If instead of reading my rantings you'd like some comedy poetry, I'm doing the feature at The Blind Poet on Monday 9th Feb - proceeds going to Crisis.

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