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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blog 89 Fabricant’s Taliban tendency!


I mean

W H A T?!?!?!?!?!

Here I am in that parallel universe again. In my world, abuse and encouraging abuse is not good. But in this other place – the real world - the media, the PM and some others seem to think Fabricant’s own special brand of misogyny and public encouragement of violence is ok. Shouldn't this behaviour be hideously unacceptable – from anyone - let alone a publicly funded, supposedly well-educated, high profile figure? Aren't we condemning this sort of thing in other parts of the world?

A few weeks ago Cameron was on the trendy bandwagon ‘solving’ the Nigerian school girl kidnapping by tweeting a selfie (in the wake of people with more moral credibility doing the same). In that situation Neanderthal behaviour towards educated black females was unacceptable.

In response to Fabricant’s Taliban-esqu reaction to Yasmin Alibhai Brown we are told that really it’s a non-story. After all Fabricant is just a bit of a character.What does that mean? Is a Fabricant in fact a Bladerunner type Replicant only weirder looking and less use?

Also – there was that sort of apology.

When my children were little I explained to them that an apology with a ‘but’ doesn’t really count. Either apologise or don’t and take the consequences.

Fabricant’s ‘but’ was so hot on the heels of his half-hearted non-apology as to render it void. Considering how Theresa May was carpeted for a too brief apology I wait without much hope to see if anyone is going to take Fabricant to task for his disgusting tweet followed by transparent lack of sincerity.

Then there was the (also belated) claim that it was a joke. P – leeeease. I don’t claim to be an expert but in the comedy clubs I’ve played and the festivals and comedy competitions I've had a little success in, the requirement for a joke is usually that it is funny on some level.

Are we really trouncing the Taliban’s attitude to women and education while accepting that a Tory MP can threaten violence to an intelligent outspoken Asian woman in this country because she irritates him?

Yes that is a rhetorical question because I know we are. In the bizarre circus of the real, this kind of double think goes on all the time.

I recall a few months back a young nobody tried to encourage others via facebook to join in riots. No one responded because he was a nobody. However, he was pursued by the police – as Fabricant has not been – and received a custodial sentence - as Fabricant wont. Fabricant’s gross comment appears to have added to the abuse received by Ms Brown but nothing AT ALL it seems, is going to happen to him as a consequence.

In my parallel universe where people are supposed to be subject to the same laws, moral standards and sanctions, this makes no sense.

Fabricant formed the urge to punch an intelligent educated black woman just the way the Taliban get the urge to shoot them. Then he was moronic enough to tweet his vileness, which just adds to the ongoing normalisation of misogyny.

I’m fairly sure that in the vicinity of this asinine Tory arsehole I might get the urge to kick him but I wouldn't advertise the fact! That would be silly.

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