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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

232. Corbyn – ‘Shuffling Shit Shaper’ – seems to be the Opposition Leader’s Election Pitch

Yes. Corbyn promises to tweak the mess…

Oh and give us extra bank holidays. In offering to end zero hours contracts and strengthen union representation – he does at least aim to counter the ridiculous Miliband dissociation from the workers’ movement that birthed the party. Let’s face it – that was like a feminist group saying they would distance themselves from women. But all in all, it’s too little, too weak, too muddled and way too late.

 ‘I’ll make the shit smell a bit better’ – seems to be Corbyn’s offer to Britain.

That is the Liberal’s line too – the party that propped up the Tories and sold a generation down the toilet with their colossal deceit on tuition fees. But Labour is supposed to be the official opposition. In reality, they haven’t been for a very long time.

Yes – the UK is having a General election – or if you observed the sudden verve and energy and enthusiasm (from everyone apart from the electorate that is) it’s a ‘general erection’ for politicians who’d rather be posturing than running the country.

I mean – isn’t that what elections have become? They have morphed from real democracy into pseudo mob rule. The first-past-the-post voting system has caused political constipation in the UK for decades. Folk who spend too much time watching soap operas and reality TV, panic vote following the latest nonsense stories about immigration, while politicians get all pumped up with fake passion. And JC is doing just that. He is zealously proposing to close the barn door after the horse has bolted and the barn has burnt down. He is going to furiously fiddle round the edges. He’s made really (almost) impassioned speeches about how big business will quake in its boots if Labour get in. Can you hear the rustle of bank notes as the wealthy scrabble about for their millions of unpaid taxes? Can you hear the squeal of brakes as all the banks, fleeing the UK, respond to Corbyn’s inspiring tones about a better economy and about turn? No.

This is the party that couldn’t even elect a capable woman leader (for once) when it had the chance – even though it would have sent out almost the most positive message the party could muster. JC continues on his Blairesque ego trip – the people need MEEEEE. And that nasty little war criminal Blair is sniping from the side-lines, like none of this has anything to do with his legacy, inviting voters to cast for other parties if they think it might get them a soft Brexit – as if he can deliver some sort of political pooh softening laxative – it’s STILL SHIT.

Even the moolah-monster Mandelson is pitching in with his horrible cadaver sneer at the writhing zombie of the Labour party he helped to poison. It’s too awful. But being complicit in the status quo is not the answer.

It’s clear why Theresa May is doing this. Many observers (me included) regularly refer to her as our unelected Prime Minister – which she is. The woman who campaigned for Remain now wants to stamp on dissenting voices so she can take us hard over the Brexit cliff and she has looked across at the opposition front bench and concluded, now is the time.

I have the greatest respect for many left wing commentators and genuine Labour activists who are energetically calling for unity. Quick – let’s paper over the cracks – again. Swallow your misgivings, they say, and support Jeremy because the alternative – a stronger Tory government – is unthinkable. One real argument for voting Labour in your area might be to keep out the UKIP slime but I think Paul Nuttal has already done that job.

Unfortunately, the UK is now a tanker without enough room to stop before it hits the Brexit rocks. (NB Labour is – today – finally – laying out some sort of plan for Brexit) A Labour victory would simply mean that Labour would be at the helm when the smash happens and there would be even less incentive for the root and branch change required if the party is not to become extinct.

I’ve tried to sit through some you tube videos of Corbyn interviews (thank god I don’t have TV) and all I can conclude is that those ludicrous, dithering, fumblings where you can see the cogs slowly grinding, is Corbyn thinking – ‘… how would I answer this question if it really were 1975?’

Following Theresa May’s the-breaks-have-gone-on-the-car victory on June 8th there must be one very significant resignation on June 9th – that of Jeremy Corbyn. Then Labour can begin the job it should have started after Blair hollowed out the Labour party or when Miliband set out confusing everyone – rebuilding and actually planning for the next real election in 2022.

Between now and then - God help us.


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