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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

212. So, you thought it couldn’t get worse…

Joking apart, America and Britain currently stand as the laughing stocks of the developed world. But there's a strange synchronicity here. Both countries were built on slavery, colonialism and pissing in other people’s countries. Both have been brought low, beyond the point of farce, by racism, bigotry and prejudice.

Also, on this side of the Atlantic we number days and weeks differently to the US. Here - 9th November is 9/11, the day we found out Trump was elected... Another US disaster.

And now Tony Blair, one of the architects of the Iraq war and arguably the destabilisation of the Middle East, thinks it’s time to return to British politics. Is the guy addicted to chaos?

In last week’s post, I used the phrase ‘what goes around comes around’. Surely we have to acknowledge that the universe exhibits a highly developed sense of irony.


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