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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

193. HELP. / Ayuda. / .مساعدة / Pomoc. / Aiuto. / Aidez-moi. / Hilfe. / Помогите. / Βοήθεια. / Hjälp. / 帮帮我. /مدد. /cuideachadh. /Hjelp. / Padeti.

Within hours of the Brexit result the man who thrust us into this stinking pile of manure resigned. Then the Leave crusaders began pedalling backwards on their referendum campaign statements so hard and so fast they could have powered the national grid for a week.

And that old hippy Corbyn, ‘leader’ of the Labour party, who did nothing significant to fight for the Remain campaign is now prepared to fight – for himself…

The unholy alliance of LEDs (Little England-Duuuuhs championed by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove) and the bigots and racists (headed by the Enoch Powel-loving Nigel Farage) have left decent people in the crap. And the most startling thing of all is that even they didn’t really think the voters were going to follow them. There is NO PLAN.

Let’s say that again


Boris, continuing his Eton fantasy that this is all a jolly game, thinks he can now claim we don’t actually have to leave the EU and we can still have free trade. Trump was described as a ‘man-baby’ but our Boris is ‘bad clown-baby’.

I do not blame the people who voted out of fear. Both sides, aided by the Dodo media (see last week’s blog, below) were shameless in their use of that old weapon but…

If Brits thought being ruled by the ‘C’ graders was tough, chew on this, its now the turn of the fuckwits, fantasists, fascists and fruitcakes.

The leave campaign even begged Cameron to stay so they could sort out what to do. It’s like someone diving off the high board into an empty pool and, as they plummet down, asking someone to start running the tap.

It’s not so much that the lunatics have taken over the asylum but that the bullies and the morons have overrun the school – by shouting a lot.

My Polish neighbours are bemused, my brother’s Italian girlfriend is disgusted, my young Irish friend who is in Scotland doing her PhD was tearful and upset on Friday morning and my Lecturer friend who lives in the NE – one of the areas that voted heavily to leave – was tearful also.

This result is the triumph of spite over forward thinking and decency. Xenophobia beat compassion, bigotry triumphed over humanity. Gargoyle Gove, Boorish Johnson and Fascist Farage have cast a shadow over a generation.

SO – Help.

I don’t want to live in a country where Farage is regarded as acceptable.

I cannot go to the US as it seems legal to shoot black people there.

My o-level French isn’t up to a move to France.

Australia is too hot and the spiders are too big and they treat refugees like shit.

Ireland is misogynistic and still living in the 1950s with regards to women’s rights and health.

Turkey is busy shooting migrants.

No one in their right minds or with any moral backbone would set foot in Qatar or Saudi Arabia (see blog 183. Is Saudi Arabia the World’s Moral Cesspit?)

China is polluted and now poisoning its children with toxic athletic tracks (I kid you not)

My Polish neighbours are lovely but if I moved to Poland I’m not sure I could live on potatoes, cabbage and sausages. Or at least if I ate that no one would be able to live with me…

I can’t speak German and I don’t like sauerkraut or beer or lederhosen…

When is that mission to Mars going to be ready?
Someone please HELP
I need a breather and to think of something to say other than ‘oh god help…’

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You know by now I don’t do social media. If you are a modern person feel free to pass this round.

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