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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

185. Does Sir Philip Green kick disabled orphan kittens in his spare time?

No worries a Parliamentary Select Committee is getting involved – which is like getting the pantomime horse’s rear end to deal with Jack the Ripper.

Sir Philip Greedy Guts Green siphoned off over £500+million from the UK high street store BHS over a 15-year period (with help from his family). Via dividends and rental.

There is a £500+million hole in the company’s pension pot. Oh and the possibility of 11,000 people losing their jobs since sir Greedy Green quickly offloaded the company last year for £1 to a dodgy twice-bankrupt pal.

Now – I am not an MP. I am not chancellor of the exchequer. I am not an economist, a banker or a revenue inspector or even a good mathematician but I’m sure there is something here that is kind of obvious and clear as daylight. IF you are not looking through the increasingly weird prism of free market rampant 21st Century Capitalism where anything goes as long as you are rich.

I listened on Bank Holiday weekend with incredulity as an MP proudly announced that at the circus we fondly call a Pantomime Select Committee – is going to ask Greedy Green if his behaviour was “appropriate”. Wohooooo. I wonder if they will use those really stern voices they apply when they know they are being recorded.

He must be shaking on his yacht. The PSCs have a bit of a reputation in the UK for being a tough talking forum where MPs really sock it to the badly behaved. Yes, I am yawning as I type. In fact, it gives MPs – some of whom were involved in making the legislation that allowed the crap behaviour – to SOUND tough while changing NOTHING.

There is an obvious corollary to the lose lose for the employees and the win win win for Greedy Green and his – handily placed – Monaco-based wife.

Greedy Green cleaned out the company like a one-man plague of locusts in a field of human corn including emptying the pension fund. He should be IN PRISON. Not getting ‘tough questions’ from a pantomime court at the House of Commons. Problem is because it’s the pals of the wealthy who make legislation – his gross morally revolting activities possibly just squeeze in this side of legal – so the wooooo scary MPs are left throwing around the question of his peerage.

I’ve rounded down the figures but let’s run them by again
£500+million grabbed by Greedy Grubby Green
£500+m hole in the pension funds for 11,000 ordinary workers
Did you spot the connection?

£500+ missing from the money that has been put aside for decades to support ordinary hard working people who have given their working lives to this company.
£500+million now sloshing around Greedy Sir Greens (no doubt) offshore accounts.
He – Mr already rich -  is £500+ million UP. They – the workers - are £500+million down.???

MPs are ‘asking’ nicely if he wouldn’t mind returning a bit of it. How tough are they gonna get? Maybe they are going to tut at him next or wag their fingers.

In fact, the government and the tax office are being so tough on him it’s a wonder he is still wearing that Cheshire cat grin under his expensive tan aboard his multi-million-dollar new yacht.

This is how Capitalism works these days. The rich fleece the poor extremely and with impunity. The government underpin that greed out of the public purse, hitting ordinary people again. It’s a win win for the rich and a lose lose for ordinary people. Aint rampant Capitalism great. And this is, as I’ve said, because the pals of these monsters MAKE THE RULES.

Maybe I’m wrong. As I say. I am no expert. Maybe it’s a huge coincidence that the public purse is going to have to pick up the bill for the missing £500+ million that just happens to be the same amount that was TAKEN FROM THE COMPANY - £500+ million.

I wonder if Sir Greedy Guts Green mugs old ladies when he gets bored? Does he take sweets off babies and punch little girls to get their dinner money? Or does he just get off on mugging an entire workforce and plunging them into misery and leaving the country that gave him a knighthood to pick up the pieces?

You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a lift with this crocodile.

And – from this luddite – sans FB sans twitter – thanks to the 45k+ readers who have found their way to my wee blog.