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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

184. Boris Johnson the London Mayor racially insulted President Obama. Why is that OK?

…according to Ian Duncan Smith.

So, one has to conclude that if the Mayor of London is insulting and racist to the President of America it’s not the same as if a working class person was racist to their neighbour. You can be racist if you went to Eton…


Spot the double standards anyone? You gotta give it to the Elite in the UK. They do double standards SO well.

As part-pig man Boris Johnson denigrates the first black president for being ‘part-Kenyan’ and somehow not being able, therefore, to form intellectual views of the world separate from his ancestry, one wonders just where the hideousness that is the pointless EU referendum will end. In a mess of duplicity and xenophobia it seems.

That Johnson, the repugnant progeny of privilege currently sitting as London Mayor, should spew this vile prejudice while in such a prestigious position is way more than just a national embarrassment. This is the guy who was coughing up all sorts of guff about inclusivity and reaching out to the world in the run up to the 2012 Olympics. But then big money and prestige were at stake and it was a chance for him to buffoon around at tax payers’ expense. 

Boris Johnson should resign - at the very least.

A couple of weeks ago a Falklands War veteran was jailed for 15 months when a military pistol was found in his home. He had kept it as a memento from his time as SAS fighter in the 1980s. Having or secreting weapons of any description is not desirable. However, as we STILL await the Chilcot enquiry – Bush and Blair live their rarefied lives floating high above the realities of life. Tony paying £100k+ salaries to the staff helping to make him rich.

Spot more double standards anyone?

And two companies which are (depending on your social and political views) pretty much reviled, just gave their CEOS multi million pound pay awards. BP and BT. In the UK BT is a customer byword for incompetence and crap service. At the same time high street iconic store British Home Stores has gone to the wall taking employees pensions with it and possibly their 11,000 jobs and that’s just tough while their CEO who walked off a few months ago with a £multi million golden goodbye aint touched.

Here in the UK also, David Lammy MP proposed a ‘diversity’ clause in the new BBC licence agreement. Yes – in 2016 the publically funded broadcaster is still unequal, unrepresentative and riddled with sycophancy, nepotism and London centric snobbery – while taking multi millions in licence fees off the whole of Britain.

(I’m not saying you’re a moron if you live outside London or are not white / middle class and pay your licence fee but hey…)

I am sick of listening to programmes masquerading as either topical or nationally relevant which are in fact hobbies of the comfortably off delivered in a manner you'd expect at a cosy dinner party where the edge is taken off debate by a glass of good Beaujolais... (no offence to Beaujolais either).

We’ve seen similar duplicity in the economic environment. Tory ministers have been queuing up to bemoan the failure of Tata steel in Wales tut-tutting and ‘isn’t it sad but the market must take its course’, blah blah blah. Ironically the same market forces were most definitely not applied to bankers when they wrecked the global economy plunging us into debt and austerity for eternity. The banks (and the bankers) had to be saved with state intervention and tanker loads of public money…

Poor people claim benefits and are vilified at every turn and become a punch-bag for the media. Billionaires and global companies hide their wealth in The Cayman Islands and all of a sudden we get all civilised. The HMRC will ‘negotiate’ with companies to get tax off them! This would be the HMRC that have just had massive staff cuts by this government.

The government can afford £9m+ for a leaflet about the EU referendum that I would argue we should not even be having in the current global mess. On the other hand we cannot take in unaccompanied children fleeing war and languishing right now in unsanitary and dangerous conditions within the EU and on EU borders. My God.

So here are a couple of questions-

·       Do you see a pattern here?
·       Do you think it stinks?

If you answer yes to both questions you are sane and humaine.
Well done

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