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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Blog 142 Fracking Fraud

Fracking IS fraud... a horribly destructive swindle subtly perpetrated and it starts with the word.

When it comes to fracking the misnomer is king. Obfuscation is emperor. Deceptive language is everything. Verbally speaking, the wolf is not in sheep’s clothing – it’s a troll wearing a tutu with a diamante tiara and it’s not a pretty sight.

We all know it's not right but the costume is so expensive, the seams so slick, the sequins so well applied some people are having difficulty telling it’s really a troll.

Surely if, as dear old Willy Shakespeare said, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” then a dog turd called something else should still stink... For some reason it doesn’t seem to work that way.

It’s like when the doctor says ‘this may be uncomfortable’ you know it’s going to hurt like hell and you will be screaming for your mum. But there is an assumption that the human brain falls for these verbal dexterities and sometimes it does.

Why aren’t ‘pay-day loans’ called ‘hi rate debt cons’?
Why isn’t ‘meat’ called ‘carcass’ and ‘offal’ called ‘organs &guts’?
Why aren’t ‘sales’ called ‘the –stuff-we-couldn’t-get rid-of -before –the-next-lot-of-crap-comes in’?
And why isn’t Fracking called Fracturing?

The answer is simple. People who are used to getting their own way like to dress a sows ear up like a silk purse. If it helps their cause to pretend the grass is pink and the sky is made of lemonade – they will.

If you call it as it is – if you said we are going to FRACTURE the ground to extract gas, fewer people would let it slip by. If these profit driven corpmegatrocities called if Fracturing even people who don’t get it or don’t give a shit - would.

(N.B  ‘Corpmegatrocity’ is a large profit driven corporation so huge it ceases to be connected to humanity and has become an atrocity. [See – we can all make words up])

It’s not Fracking its Fracturing. Fracturing the earth – the planet - the water tables. Destabilising further our already unstable thin crusted planet. Breaking stuff. It’s breaking the environment for profit and so we can go on pretending we don’t have to control our consumption.

I would like to suggest – as I have on this blog before – that there should be a connection where there is a consequence. So for example – I said that people with private health insurance should not be allowed to pontificate and certainly not legislate on the NHS. Conversely I would like to have suggested that those who are looking forward to the profits of shale gas extracted by Fracturing the ground should be forced to live in the fractured areas – drink the water – deal with all the horrible chemical mess and nature damaging results. But the thing with damaging the planet is that you cannot contain those consequences.

WWF claimed in a Guardian article last year that the world lost HALF its species in the last 40 years due to pollution, climate change and overfishing. That is, I suggest, a scary statistic by any measure. But the fact that you or I may be doing our best to limit our carbon footprint etc doesn’t alter the fact that this goes on apace. The crap outcome will not be limited to those responsible and that is why we have to force the profit mongers to ease off. Ditto Fracturing.

Fracking means Fracturing / Breaking
Pollution means poisoning.
Climate change means – moving towards an uninhabitable planet. And to those morons who keep banging on about the fact that the climate has changed radically before – er yes – but humans weren’t around then.

Fracking is just a made up word to polish the turd, to put pink fondant icing on the mouldy bun, it’s the diamante thong on the haggard old arse – it’s a lie.

Fracking is Fracturing – its breaking and damaging the place we live, for money.
Let’s just say it how it is.

If you click on view my profile it will take you to the list of posts and you can find my old anti-fracking cartoon from 28th Jan 2014 which focused on French companies being given fracking rights in the UK when fracking was banned in France.

Also – it’s still possible to listen to Casey and the Surfmen for free (or pay, download and keep) @

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