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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Blog 136 ‘Catastrophic Consequences’

Catastrophic Consequences’

This was the phrase that jarred me awake as my radio clicked on last Thursday morning. Clearly it was the end of a sentence I will never know the start of. But it is a global sentence for sure. 

In the post election fug – what better than to speculate about what may have preceded the declaration of calamitous cataclysmic ruin (I do like tautologies).

Had there been another earthquake or had a ‘fashion icon’ gone for the wrong hairstyle / dress / shade of nail varnish.

Was it a general statement about the West’s failure to step up to its global responsibilities, had there been an outbreak of another virus that might affect white people (see blog 105 Ebola – What’s really gruesome).

Maybe a celebrity had shown her boobs at a celebrity event in front of other celebrities and was now pictured in celebrity magazines being gawped at by people who give a shit about celebrities.

Had another cover-up of child abuse / tax evasion / political corruption been uncovered.

Had a famous couple had another baby / tattoo / row/wedding/divorce.

Perhaps the queen had a nightmare about the country being run by someone NOT from Eton?

Are the icecaps melting faster than ever – sea-life struggling to survive in warming, polluted oceans, are people dying in their thousands on open waters in un-seaworthy boats having been taken advantage of by people traffickers or did some guy, being paid more per week than the economy of a small town, fail to kick a bit of leather into a net.

Did the press forget to spend pages and air hours ‘breaking’ stories that were on the internet three days ago.

Or did someone who is in magazines a lot kiss ‘n tell.

The real irony is that we are living a Cataclysmic Catastrophe and the Consequences are starting to show. (see bog 12 Armageddon will not be televised) No hyperbole required.

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