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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Blog 118. Sexy New Politics

Is the SNP giving us Sexy New Politics?

I know the party itself aint new but their position, policy approach, possibilities and appeal seem fresh and sparkly like a washing-up liquid advertisement minus the portrayal of gormless women and ridiculously clinical houses and perfect teeth and children – (sorry I got diverted there).

Much as I planned not to be sucked into the full 7th May melee in January, its’ irresistible. And the SNP with its 70,000 new members since the referendum is looking funky.

Having only become a Scottish resident last year, I raced to get registered to vote YES in September so I could support the only party that was talking passionately and sincerely about striving for a more egalitarian society - I’m still pretty giddy.

It’s like we were murdering Claire de la lune on cracked plastic recorders for the hundredth time in music class and the new 14 yr old came in and played Nirvana on her semi-acoustic guitar. Everyone’s standing round with mouths open.

It seems the other parties too have settled into human-like stereotypes we recognise.

If the SNP is the cool kid on the block, Labour is the deaf arthritic uncle who can’t keep up.

UKIP is the creepy neighbour leering over the fence who your mum warns you to avoid.

Tories are the skeletal old aunt who lives for the bridge club, smells of decay and expensive perfume, feeds the dog on fillet mignon but won’t help her struggling nephew.

The Greens are the prophets screaming in the wilderness.

The Liberals are... Who cares!

I voted YES – not because I am a nationalist but because I yearn for a more equal society like someone lost in the desert craves a cool sip of water. It’s thrilling that the SNP held it together so well after the referendum results.

Here’s to them – a little acrostic appeal.

Scupper the Negative Posturing
Stale Nepotistic Plutocrats
Strike-out for New Possibilities
Scottish National Potential
Stop Nuclear Psychosis
Spread Nurturing Policies
Stuff Neanderthal Politicians
Stand up for No Prejudice
Commit to
Sustaining the National Panorama
(and a special one for me)
Support Nascent Poets J
Start Now Please

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