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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blog 114 WHO ARE THEY?

Today was going to be a titanic tirade about Scottish Power but the compensation (sorry – good will gesture) they told the Ombudsman they’d paid me in September finally arrived today after more hassle and phone calls. I've escaped from them now so  let’s not waste lovely blog space. Instead – a short poetry rant about the vacuous nature of modern living.

Who are they?
You’re ‘amazing’, famous, a mega superstar
But I don’t know who you are
Nor do I care

You flog perfume though once you kicked a ball
I have absolutely no Idea at all
How this all works

Your bum appeared in a gyrating tweet
But I wouldn't know you if we met in the street
What’s your point

Did you do something worthwhile
Like a 4-minute mile
In the days when athletes’ shorts went to their knees

Or maybe you’re in prison for strongly held beliefs
I can’t admire you because you posed in your briefs.
Get real.

That song you're killing has been done a dozen times
By vaselined boys miming nonsense rhymes
Into a mic

My ring my marriage my baby my divorce
My love my loss my scheming my remorse.
It’s all dished up in a stinking slop
Make it stop

Unplug yourself and learn to think

It may be painful
At first


NB. For some nice energy company cartoons click in the right hand column on my name in orange and scroll down the post list to the political cartoons.

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