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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blog 112. Black Friday Lament.

With the current state of the world I wondered whether the latest hideous US import was worth getting agitated about. It is. Humans fighting over Christmas crap, on a day orchestrated by the retail industry, is truly a gruesome, miserable, degrading thing.

Here’s ‘Black Friday’
It feels so grey
Queue. Charge. Grab. Buy
Plastic rises sky high

Saturday teatime
Could be bee time
Make it compulsory
To bath in warm honey

Why can’t we say            
It’s Sweet Sunday
All shops will close
For calm repose

Monday’s  Kiss day
Don’t avoid this day
Stop. Breathe. Think.  Smile
Look around a while

Tuesday let’s say
It is Mates’ day
Hug a close friend -  
Remember hands are there to lend

Wednesday morning
Without warning
Paint ‘my mum is fantastic’ on your face then take a picture and instagram it to
Everyone that you know

Yellow Thursday
Mellow Friday
Not black
Like depression

Bless the days and coulour them bright. Then spangle them with hope and light


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  1. Mine is on black too -- but in a different way ;)