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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

238. The Birmingham gas chamber!

Who knew – Birmingham had its own human gas chamber – in full public view and very shiny.

Just at the point where my shite monitor for this Thursday’s general election went off the scale, I stumble on this open secret. Yes – as the UK shuffles to another vote - this one to decide who shapes the sloppy BREXIT turd (the Conservatives who shat it or the Labour Party who failed to divert it down an appropriate sewer) something way more bizarre is happening in the UK. And we all missed it.

Global environmental devastation is staring every living, breathing thing right in the kisser and no one in power in either the UK or the US seems focused on that amidst current chaos. But, it seems, there is an anti-programme.

It's hard to assimilate the news that human-fart-in-a-lift Donald Trump pulled the world’s biggest polluter out of the world’s most important and hard won climate agreement. The Paris Accord – the deal most likely to help mitigate global environmental carnage, is now minus America but I began to suss what may be going on.

Unable to avoid travelling home via Birmingham New Street train station, I was again struck by how hideous it is to be inside the big new, deceptively silvery mushroom. In case you missed the pleasure, some twonk placed a huge metal cap over this very heavily used West Midlands rail hub in the name of re-development. So, the enclosed area where people shop and have coffee and wait for trains basically fills up with diesel fumes all day from the trains below. I presume neither the architects nor the idiots who gave it planning permission use it often because, once inside the dome, you may as well be sucking on an exhaust pipe.

I’ve spoken to staff there on a number of occasions. Initially there was a suspicion that I’d arrived on a random day when something had gone dreadfully wrong with vents. I’ve been there several times since and it’s been the same, though some days may be worse than others depending on the temperature. One worker told me he often has stinging eyes, a sore throat and headaches. How long before he has 'dead'?

It is - if you think about it – an unofficial human gas chamber. Probably because we are not killing ourselves quite efficiently enough with general pollution. Let’s face it UK premature deaths from pollution are only running at about 40,000 per year.

Then we have the government’s keenness on fracking. I’ve mentioned before the irony of the UK government giving the go-ahead to french fracking firms when fracking is illegal in France. Clearly the French like their children healthy and alive.

Britain’s failure to replace and plant trees in sufficient numbers to offset ecological damage was the subject of two blogs ago. We are also still giving planning permission in areas of natural beauty and wildlife importance – for ecologically damaging open cast mining - e.g. Druridge Bay in Northumberland.

Our cities – choked with diesel fumes are just open toxic hazards.

In blog 220 Mexico v Trump & why America is literally breaking – I outlined the madness of the US having a head of EPA who does not believe in protecting the environment. Pruitt, ex-governor of Oklahoma – increased fracking and subsequently presided over an unprecedented increase in serious local earthquakes. 

But maybe the UK Crazies have a plan they didn’t mention. Having failed to control migration sufficiently to placate the politically constipated colonialist Brexiteers and neo-imperialists they had to do something. Add the prospect of hordes of ex-pats thronging home when they can no longer get free healthcare abroad – the government is going to deal with an underfunded health service – also under-employment, increased homelessness etc etc etc – by allowing pollution to kill off as many of the people who already live here as possible. The West Midlands Gas Chamber will help up the numbers. Maybe there are other 'projects' hiding in full view?

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  1. I was just talking with my neighbor about climate change this morning, and pollution and Trump the Hump and how bad we feel for our kids, who will inherit all this glorious mess. Yes, we are killing ourselves off! The whole planet will eventually be a gas chamber.

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  3. the weird thing with pollution is that you can see it, smell it, taste it, get the stats on the growing numbers of human and animal deaths from its effects - and yet its still not at the top of the global agenda...