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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

231. Erdogan? Turkey literally voted for Christmas…

What is the attraction of the 21st century's mini Hitlers?

With the Turkish referendum going Erdogan’s way (as I guessed – see last week’s cartoon) we have to ask ourselves – WHY the world has such a penchant for these mad men. The fat stupid type Hitlers – Kim Jong-un; the plain nasty ones – Duterte and Assad and the pig style Hitlers – Trump e.t.c. 
On a lesser scale why do people actually vote en-masse for self-harm (yes I’m thinking Brexit)…

Now we watch nervously to see if the French are going to go down the same sewer with Le Penn.

In the UK, the phrase ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’ was used in relation to the vote to leave the EU. But at least turkeys – the fat flightless birds - go to make a sumptuous meal (if, unlike me, you eat meat). But why are people voting for meanness? Why are people voting to have their rights taken away? Why are people voting for less kindness, less freedom, less humanity?

These are rhetorical questions. I do not believe there are logical answers. Yes these monsters appeal to the lowest denominator. Yes they appeal to fear and prejudice. But are there really more stupid scared people in the world than good people?

Where does letting these inadequate, spiritually ugly men take over the world get us? Kim J-u and creepy Trump couldn’t decide who won the bad hair competition so they’re using weapons to see who is the biggest idiot.
Let’s face it – if you were playing ‘whose the person you’d least want to be stuck in a lift with’ it would be a tough choice.

Kimmy has had top brass executed (including an uncle who didn’t clap loudly enough) and Donald put American servicemen’s lives at risk by openly saying America should go after Middle East oil while troops are trying to organise peace and co-operation on the ground. Oh and with the Muslim ban.

Both would rather spend their country’s wealth on weapons than on health care or social services and they are both unhinged - need I go on?

The only thing is that Americans had a choice as did the Turkish - the Koreans didn’t – so Kimmy is easier to explain than Trump and Erdogan.

Erdogan wants to re-introduce the death penalty. Trump, who can’t spell – has no morals – is a bully, a misogynist, a sex pest - doesn’t know if he bombed Syria or Iraq (while eating 'beautiful cake'). He is a spiteful brat who is repealing Obama legislation just because it was Obama legislation. I mean – what kind of guy reverses a ban on pesticides proven to cause brain damage in children? What kind of lunatic reverses legislation to make cars more efficient AFTER that legislation has been accepted by the industry?

One of Trump’s main campaign pushes was that he is such a great business man. Many people, conned out of money to go to a Trump university, successfully sued him. He couldn’t make a success of casinos in Las Vegas, the gambling capitol. And one of the reasons that he is in hock to Vlad the Putin is because he ran out of people to borrow money from following business failure after business failure.

Why does a man who vowed not to get involved in ‘other people’s’ conflicts use a weapon costing (and this is an average of the various prices put forward) $16million per unit? We are told the weapon killed 36 – (or 92 depending on whose guesses you are using) and 300 metres of tunnels. Really? That is a lot of money to kill very few ‘baddies’. It sounds like very, very poor ROI.

Then we were told it was not about the Afghan hit – it was about sending a ‘message to North Korea’. And you have to worry about a bloke who can go from tweets to MOAB in one step. Frankly the tweets were better value. They were free and caused easily as much damage as the multi-million dollar bomb.

As Erdogan dreams about state murder and opposition detention, is Trump flicking through the military catalogue poking his stubby fingers at pictures of weapons and asking some square jawed buzz cut ‘what does this one do?’ and ‘can I have a go?’ like he did with that truck at the Whitehouse – ‘Oh please let me press the horn’.

The fat stupid spoilt spiteful bloater babies are in charge of Armageddon and the combination of fear and ignorance is like chucking a petrol tanker into an active volcano.

But I still don’t get where these shits come from. Is the devil running a factory where these men are churned out like the Orcs in Lord of the Rings? Is there an army of them ready to mess things up whenever something good gets a foothold? Or are they just always there, in the background, ready to take over whenever stupidity, self-interest and meanness reach a zenith?


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  1. I think they are always there and they always have been but somehow that's no comfort. And May's June election will undoubtedly dupe the public into giving her a mandate to distroy the NHS pour more filth on the poor. I can't stand it. :(