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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

206. Kristallnacht lite UK?

Following The Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s appalling Tory Party Conference Statement about immigrant workers – I presume the next step is to force non-British-born workers in the UK to wear identifying armbands?

Is this administration on message to sound as racist as possible at all times to maintain popularity? (Let’s face it Trump got the monopoly on misogyny). Certainly she topped even Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s attempts at anti-foreigner gutter populism.

There has been back-pedaling because – fortunately - people with clout in the business community, revolted at the idea. Decent people, generally, were just nauseated.

Sadly, we are not out of the woods. Rudd now claims the information, though collected, will not be made public(!) This reminds me of when the infamous SATs tests for young children were introduced into schools. As a parent of a, then, junior age child, I was told ‘the children won’t even know they are being tested’. SATs quickly became one of the most stressful times in schools for pupils, parents and teachers.

And even if we trust the government on this (and I don’t) do we trust their competence at handling sensitive data?

Do we?

Do you?

I think that’s like trusting a bull in a china shop.

Frankly if this administration is so obsessed with foreigners why don’t they focus on the issue of UK arms sold to Saudi Arabia being used to slaughter Yemeni civilians?

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