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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

196. Sharing the world is the only answer.

Sharing. We tell our children to do this but the adults can’t, apparently…

Sir Frank Whittle (inventor of the turbojet engine) and I shared a house and also a public library – albeit a few years apart.

During WW1, a young Frank Whittle moved with his family to 9 Victoria Street in Leamington spa – where, later, I lived with my family from 1964 when I was born until about 1968. He also did engineering research in the reference section of the same public library where I indulged my love of words.

Sharing is the obvious right thing to do. Time. Space. Food. Resources. I do not understand why it is so out of fashion. I’m glad and intrigued to have shared some space with this man and I am glad I am sharing the world with you.

I love sharing this city with diverse peoples. Nothing lifts my spirit more than walking out and hearing the fast energetic patter of young Polish men and women, seeing little Asian girls dancing along in the wake of their parents, watching Italians and Spanish gesticulating and smiling. Old couples strolling in the park and young whips skateboarding; they are all part of the world I am privileged to share.

OK – let’s be honest. I don’t feel that way about everyone…

Trump and Farage and Marine le Pen and the other turds that floated to the surface when someone kicked the human sewage tank, advocate hate and exclusion. And those two corrosive ideas have become powerfully popular; catastrophically so. I don’t like sharing the world with them. But I am pretty sure I am forgiven that.

But why are they thriving? Why do they have so much purchase at present? For the same reasons these people have always risen – fear and instability.

Fear and instability are the bastard offspring of gross inequality.

Flabby Arab princes squander their nation’s oil wealth on Disney style palaces and ski resorts in the desert while their people live on dirt. Sir Philip Green asset-stripped a major (previously healthy) UK business over here and is happily buying yachts with the employees’ pension funds – having put 11,000 jobs at risk. And if you want a real view on what is wrong with the world look at the UK government’s response to this nasty greedy little monster. They have thrown around the idea of stripping him of his title (!) and now they are publicly begging him to throw a little money (from his multiple billions) into a pot for the people he robbed. The government is begging this thief.

Whether its Russian and Chinese oligarchs buying up parts of London with wealth creamed off state resources or African dictators buying fancy cars with aid money it’s all about NOT SHARING. The globe is overrun by spoilt brats.

There is something so dreadfully wrong here and deep down we know. Huge numbers of young people, in this country of plenty, are currently on anti-depressant medication (lots of money for the drug companies...) A significant percentage of the remainder are self-medicating with alcohol and dope (just wander down any suburban street and smell it).

I have said this many times before but it may stand saying again – THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. There is enough for everyone – even as the global population exceeds 7 billion – but only if we share.

If you are hungry it is not because there isn’t enough food on the planet – it is because some people are over-consuming and/or exploiting food growers. Too many people are taking a cut and it’s the poor always bleeding.

If you or your children are sick and cannot get medical care it is because, across the globe, governments choose to spend billions on weapons rather than health care. Also Pharmaceutical companies develop drugs based on profit not human need (see blog 97 Viagra – yes – Effective cure for malaria – no).

If your child cannot get an education it may be because there is not enough security and stability to establish schools and create long-term learning programmes because of war (see blog 190 – War. What is it?)

In the UK we recently uncovered a scandal where police – paid for by the state – were infiltrating left-wing pressure groups. British police officers were having full relations with unsuspecting women for years and even fathering children. There is no evidence that anyone in society benefited from these tax funded state rapes. Imagine how society might have benefited if those resources had been spent on trying to stamp out the endemic child sexual exploitation that is rife here and across the world.

These are all choices human beings in positions of power have made.
It didn’t just happen
It doesn’t have to be like this

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  1. The problem: capitalism. The solution: world socialism. This comment is by me (Noel) but is in Oonah's name as it's the only way I can find to do it. Just to add more detail. I guess that people like Philip Green were brought up in the schools they attended to be competitive and selfish. He's certainly not the only one. It's a system that breeds sociopaths. By the way it was lovely to see you yesterday.

  2. I'm not sure how much the 'isms' have to offer us right now. One thing I am sure of is that all the decent people have to stand up and be counted...