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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blog 146 David Cameron’s radicalisation sparks international concern...

David Cameron’s radicalisation and commitment to elitist ideology has caused deep disquiet within the international community. Many organisations have expressed grave concerns at the radicalisation of the British P.M who is an unashamed member of  I.S.U.S – Inbred Self-serving Uber Shits.

Speaking for H.R. (Human Race) and O.W.P (Ordinary Working People), commentators claim Cameron was radicalised at a school called Eton. Eton and other similar training grounds are hotbeds of close knit extremists, they say. Young men are brought up with a single elitist view of the world, observers claim. These dysfunctional youngsters are separated from their families and taught that they are superior to others and entitled to the fat of the land based on birth and privilege. They intend to get their rewards in this world rather than the next. Their numbers include, for example, bankers who have manipulated the country and ignited the economy for their own ends and to the detriment of the majority. Also politicians and judges who failed to bring them to book.

Speaking from the Middle East, members of T.Y.B.a.B (Thank you Bush & Blair) said they are appalled and considering intervention to save the population from the exploitation, reduction of human rights, working rights, disability rights etc etc etc.

I.S.U.S infiltrated and have a strangle hold on the turgid traditional media. Many own newspapers and television channels where they pour out mind numbing programmes aimed at sedating the populous also misinformation and propaganda aimed at blaming the countries problems on the poor, disabled and foreigners rather than the eye-watering greed of their own members.

It has been suggested that some members of I.S.U.S could be de-radicalised with vigorous programmes of humanisation. This would involve talking to ordinary people, living on ordinary wages and occasionally coming face to face with real human beings. But most people think there is a cat in hell’s chance of that succeeding...

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