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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Blog 145. Pop posts - first half 2015

3rd – blog.129 - Katie Hopkins & Trending Trauma
‘She accidentally got in my video’
As blogs go – this one’s been traumatic.
Deciding once again to venture outside my comfort zone (a small area three feet removed from what passes for where-it’s-at in modern Britain) I decided to point my modest blog in the direction of what’s trending. This foolish decision brought me into cyber space vicinity with a creature so ghastly in character she could be a plasticine monster in a Ray Harryhausen film.
And then things got worse...

2nd – blog.126 - Cameron Vs Brown Girl solves TV debate debate

Cameron can represent privileged out-of-touch white blokes who think a sound-bite is a policy, have dodgy mates with wildly inflated ideas of their own worth, who think a ‘moral dilemma’ means considering whether or not you will get caught tax dodging - and I’ll have a go at representing EVERYONE ELSE...

1st – blog.120- From My Demon toaster to Soylent Green
...via TTIP?
‘Less is More’ was a consciously obscure minimalist fashion term. Now it beautifully epitomises life at the arse-end of Capitalism. Rampant Capitalism – that rabid dog that Thatcher took off the leash in the 80s savages us today.
I’ll get to the demonic toaster in a minute...

In descending order – so as to increase the frenetic excitement - I’ve listed the three most popular blogs for the first half of this year for you to scroll back and have a look if you feel like it. 
Usually this happens at the end of the year but I just got word that Tangled Roots a publication focusing on the mixed-race experience in Britain - is going to include one of my blog posts in their 2015 anthology so I was perusing...

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