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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Blog 138. Sepp Blatter – two Ps, two Ts, two faces?

Blatter made the opposition scatter – morals fall and clatter, ethics shatter – the bribes get fatter – no matter he’s got the patter - its bad mad hatter Blatter with the Blatter chatter splatter.

As someone with NO interest whatsoever in the beautiful (ok horribly corrupt, money obsessed and celebrity soiled) game, I’m concerned that this is the fourth time I’ve been drawn to comment roughly in this area – see archives,

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blog 81 What happened to mud, fun and anticipation?
blog 90 Is the Brazil World Cup a microcosm of what is wrong with Britain?

I feel like a vegan fascinated by rotting tripe.

On reflection maybe I am being disingenuous. I should be glad because the global flight of common sense that happens when this school sport is discussed must be a sign there are no real problems left. The pathetic posturing of so many commentators who cared not enough about the bribery and corruption to put their heads above the parapets until the FBI got involved – is clearly a sign that all else is right with the world.
It must be. Otherwise how have the mass media been able to throw this at us constantly for days ahead of all other news?

There is no world-wide economic catastrophe – or crisis of capitalism. There aren’t millions existing in slavery. There is not mass starvation, child exploitation, war, disease and ecological disaster.

Thank heavens...

The question of why it has proved impossible to oust one fraudulent old fart from the head of a world-wide body – ANY world body - in year 15 of the 21st century,  is a question that may take longer to answer.

It’s a cheap ‘n nasty but very expensive soap opera...

(Tues evening) NEWS FLASH - SB musta read me bloggy cos he resigning!!!

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  1. Blatter must have read blog - he resigned :)