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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Blog 129. Katie Hopkins & Trending Trauma...

‘She accidentally got in my video’

As blogs go – this one’s been traumatic.

Deciding once again to venture outside my comfort zone (a small area three feet removed from what passes for where-it’s-at in modern Britain) I decided to point my modest blog in the direction of what’s trending. This foolish decision brought me into cyber space vicinity with a creature so ghastly in character she could be a plasticine monster in a Ray Harryhausen film.

And then things got worse.

I skimmed some youtube footage.

This Hopkins thing - top of Monday morning’s ‘trending’ list, is known not just for spewing vile poison but revelling in a sort of carcinogenic, internalised misogyny.

Then it got surreal. I realised that this social sister to Clarkson and Farage with her revolting attitudes, playground bully persona and toilet spirit was vaguely familiar. She’d snuck into my video for last week’s blog (Magazine Misery). 
She is one of the pointless celebrities scrumpled up in the background and just visible towards the end.

Apart from the usual thing that depresses me about these gremlins (i.e. WHY are they given so much media time) she seems to have made a name for herself criticising the appearance of other women. The teenager in me wondered why this moose-faced social dishrag who dresses like a 1970s granny, feels she has the right. I mean on any level?

Although irretrievable minutes of my life were gone, at least here is part of the answer to why the rich and powerful get to do pretty much as they please in this ancient democracy. The populous is too drugged up – almost OD’d on celebrity detritus and brain-clogged with the sewer end of media overflow to form rational thoughts.

The impulse, even for research purposes, to observe what was trending died a quick, miserable death just as this woman was replaced on the top spot by someone else I didn’t know who HAD A NEW PAIR OF SPECTACLES.

So here is a ditty about Richard III instead – whose monster status is at least a matter of conjecture. He only murdered potential competition – not the nation’s soul.

Discontented Richard

Richard of York gave battle in vain
Shakespeare wrote him off
But he turned up again!

(by my inner child!)

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