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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Blog 92 Snoop bloggy blog

with DaveNick-Ed.

Paranoid state snooping is a sure sign of weak government, lack of direction and a general disintegration. It is symptomatic of every crumbling nation in history. But ‘emergency’ legislation to back up the state’s observation of our daily (unremarkable) lives is verging on psychotic.

Not to mention that there are one or two more pressing matters that require our urgent attention;
  • The national health crisis
  • Planetary disease emergency
  • Looming ecological cataclysm
  • Escalating world war III (GWI - Global War I?)
  • Unsustainable profiteering by privatised utilities and collapsing infrastructure
 Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... (see cartoon by clicking on the orange name in the right hand column)

But Dave, Nick ‘n Ed (DaveNick-Ed) have joined forces on this one. No one in the Westminster crazy house seems to have any problem with this at all.

Firstly there is no 'emergency', unless you configure that edgy condition in the same way Mr Orwell did; crisis as a media induced, government sponsored, ongoing state of low-grade debilitating fear, a stultifying neurosis.

 Effective leadership has forward momentum. On the other hand, inadequate rulers invested with power they can’t handle are constantly looking over their shoulders.

They haven’t even found an original ruse for their paranoid prying it’s just ‘ooooh, the bogey man is coming to get you so we need to know whether you rang aunty Marg last Friday’ and ‘we know things you don’t know so don’t question us’. It’s a stinking unconvincing fug. Its smoke that gets in your eyes, ears, nose and throat until you can’t think straight.

The irony of these claims justifying the erosion of our liberties is that the last time we were presented with ‘sensitive’ information to justify government action, (remember the dodgy dossiers?), we were led up the garden path – or was it the road to hell? The last time the secret services gave the government the nod to act on our behalf with seriously loopy information, we were taken into an illegal invasion for which we are still counting the cost in suffering, terror and financial devastation.

Instead of spending zillions and wasting resources snooping on their own citizens and neighbours – the government could try just looking around them, peer into the real world a while. They’d find there is plenty there that needs fixing.

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