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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Blog 90 Is the Brazil World Cup a microcosm of what’s wrong with Britain?

Obscene wealth and contrived jollity in the midst of desperate poverty and with even Costa Rica out-classing England! Is the nonsense in Brazil a twisted reflection of what is wrong with Britain?

Living on past glories, looking around to apportion blame while suffocating on lethargy, greed and corrosive consumerism…

Like someone in slow shock (is that even a thing?), I find words wont form sensibly this week.

It’s that zombie movie situation again where everyone has been taken over and you are screaming alone in the dark.

The obvious is blurred, ‘crazy’ is forcefully presented as normal, common sense is derided and outmoded.

In some ways we surely must admire those who blindly shamble on, convinced that somewhere something sensible is happening and there is an adult in charge. It is all actually ok.

Bur really there is no one there. Your mum and dad told you they were popping out to the supermarket but they actually emigrated to Australia with the contents of the house and the money your gran left you.

That’s what it feels like.

So this week in the face of worldwide disconnect overload;-
  • ·         Rampant consumerism (see blog 6 - Please get a bigger TV )
  • ·         Creeping misogyny (see last week’s blog)
  • ·         Double standards in public life (see blog 24 - Cut foreign aid what a spiffing idea)
  • ·         The eco time bomb (see blog 12 - Armageddon will not be televised)
  • ·         The international health black hole (see blog 54 - Glaxo Smith Klein is not the answer)
  • ·         The freaky weirdness of all those middle aged blokes pouring their hearts out because now they have teen daughters and get Feminism. (Did they not perchance have girlfriends, partners, wives, mothers?)
  • ·      The blandness of 21st century politics without Politics

I lie prone and dazed and not a little scared. So this week, instead of my cross-cartoon being a supplement to the blog, it IS the blog because for once WORDS FAIL ME.

Please go to the top of the right hand column, click on my name (the one in orange) and have a peak at this week’s cartoon – ‘we’re all right jack’.

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