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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Blog 67 Lord Rennard is perfect...

...for a Liberal.

Loudly claiming vindication from a review but ignoring the uncomfortable bits – isn’t that pure Lib? Trumpet the elements that suit and threaten to sue if anyone says you should abide by the parts that don’t. The real irony is that it seems to be that Rennard’s double standards are unacceptable to head honcho hypocrite Clegg! Tuition fees anyone?
However – while Rennard et al may have the fence well and truly stuck up their collective butt, where liberals are used to having it – the opposition fella isn’t even on the fence – he is in some field in a rocky outcrop in far-far-away land.
COME ON Harriet. For heaven’s sake. STEP UP.
It’s the potential all time babe trio. Angela, Hilary and Harriet. Never has the world needed sensible women more than it does now to sort out the global testosterone fuelled shite that is the 21st century.
Everyone knows (apart, it seems, from the high-ups in the Labour party) that no one, NO ONE wants to elect The Bollocks Brothers, Little Ed and No Ed. No matter how much the public hate the chinless, slimy, posh prats who are selling us down the river – no matter how much they gag at the prospect of seeing Knickers Clegg oozing around the Tory tall boys again, they don’t like the Eds. Cameron’s I-wish-someone-would-push-Farage-under-a-bus and how-soon-till-I-can-retire-and-go-round-making-global-speeches-like-Blair effluvia won’t push the public into the arms of two C-list politicos.
COME ON Harriet.
Maybe you are worried that you are too old? No. Hillary is considering it and Merkel is doing it – my lord is she.
Maybe you are worried about your association with Blair – the as-yet-to-be-convicted war criminal and mass murderer? Don’t be. If Hillary recovered from ‘misremembering’ her actions in a war zone and insulting Dolly Parton you need not blush over a few hundred thousand deaths caused by the guy you used to hobnob with. People forgive all sorts.
By the way – well done to the chap who attempted a Blair citizen’s arrest in a restaurant last night.
What the Eds don’t understand (apart from their own deep unlikeability) is the M&S effect.
M&S hasn’t worked it out – but those of us who used to shop at M&S - say in the 80s - and now only call in for humous – know why it’s gone down the pan. If they asked the customers – sorry ex-customers – instead of employing a rotation of senior managers and consultants, we could tell them in a sentence. M&S doesn’t DO M&S anymore.
We used to go to M&S and be happy to pay that bit extra – in my case for a little Christmas frock for my daughter – underwear for me etc. We would pay the extra because it was actually better quality than the other high street stores. It was often actually made in England. The patterns and appliqué on the dresses went all the way round not just on the front (cheap yuk) and they were traditional styles and quality. The kids’ shoes were LEATHER and things didn’t look like bits of rag after two washes.
Chasing the bottom feeders but not really letting up on price has been fatal. What is to distinguish between M&S kids clothes and say H&M? Apart from H&M is often cheaper and a bit more stylish. In downgrading quality M&S lost its natural customers but didn’t grab the cheap market either. It was a lose/lose situation. We want M&S to do better in the same way we really want a proper opposition with a real prospect of stopping the rot in this country – whether it’s the economic con or the racist diversion or smashing of the NHS.
In the same way that M&S can never compete with the shit shops but alienated its natural customers – the Labour party can’t ever be the total bastards it would need to be to corral what we euphemistically refer to as middle England. I think Harriet is the one person near the top of Labour who knows this.
What a trio of World class babes they would make; Harriet, Hillary and Angela!
Come on Harriet.  The hottest three degrees, the most kickin arse, handbag swinging, headmistresses with smirks, kittens with whips you ever saw in your life.
Harriet – your country needs you.

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