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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Blog 57 Halloween 2013

This week a break from the cross stuff. For my lovely Ashington school writers’ group, here’s the Halloween poem I promised you. Thanks for being lots of fun;

Leah, Billie, Michael, Sam, Scott, Katie, Ellie, Delphi, Regan, Kieran J

Halloween 2013

Chills crawl up your spine
Like the fingers of Death
You sense leering eyes in the gloom
Terror chokes you and lifts
The hairs on your neck
Your mouth is as dry as a tomb. 

And you wonder if turning
Is worse than not knowing
Dread paralyse your breath
As the darkness grows deeper
You stumble and grope
Lurching headlong to your death.

What would you give
For a hint of daylight
Or a lick of sun warmth on your skin
There’s no hand to hold
Just the bones and the mould
Rank stench of corruption and sin

Bring in the butchers
Indiscriminate insane
Who dealt in the currency of screams
The traders in torture
Who mastered that art
Surpassing the darkest of dreams

Let it be Halloween
Forever and ever
Awake in a nightmare’s dank cell
Let the oozing cadavers
And desperate un-dead
Show you the route map to hell

Line up the warmongers
And merchants of woe
Then for each life destroyed or undone
Demons will dance
With a worm wrangled corpse
Another soul easily won

No need for stale stories
That scare little children
To buy good behaviour with fear
For the ghouls and the ghosts
The foul fiends and monsters
And vampires and zombies are here.

Amanda Baker J

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