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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Blog 45 T.B. gave me a headache!

It must have been the effect of the juxtaposition of complete twaddle and total load of old bollocks that did it – gave me the headache.

D.E.F.R.A have been selling T.B.-infected beef for human consumption because a. it’s almost-completely-safe and b. it’s profitable. At the same time, it has been using the argument that T.B.-infected cattle are a health risk to humans as a reason for badger culling. And they don’t seem to think this is problematic. That was the news item that kicked off this week. It’s a wonder I make it to my Tuesday blog without going up in a puff of smoke.

Surely this comes in the same category as – ‘We must do something about the welfare budget’ – hence cuts to the incomes of the most vulnerable in our society, put next to the other new news that M.P.s (who’ve done so much for us of late – pointless, illegal wars, global financial meltdown, Michael Gove) must have a 10% pay increase. There is ‘nothing’ David Cameron can do about it apparently. Pay increases for M.Ps must be like the weather. His hands are tied. He is powerless against this juggernaut of pigswill.  There is no way out of this unfortunate impasse. OMG.

What else could we throw together like nuclear particles of fatuousness that would explode in a Hiroshima of utter shite?

The Olympics v poor quality sports provision in state schools and stolen playing fields.

Posturing about human rights abuses in other countries v colluding with America to abuse the human rights of our private citizens – Prism.

Posturing about human rights abuses in other countries v secret police squads set up to spy on lefty organisations and the victims of crime.

Public spending on palaces v spare room tax for the poor.

Maybe as a poet it is my artistic duty to welcome the opportunity to contract T.B. Perhaps I should live in an attic in the nineteenth century also and write with a quill pen. But then I think I also need to be a white bloke called Keats.

But let’s get back to badgers. If it’s all fine and dandy and ok to feed to the peasants (oh yes – did I forget to mention – beef from the infected carcases is not being sold to Claridges) why are we culling badgers? The meat from infected carcases is apparently OK for school and hospital canteens so what’s with the whole badger thing???

Oh my head!

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