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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blog 24. Cut Foreign Aid – What a spiffing idea Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Overhearing Jacob Rees-Mogg on Radio 4 Friday Feb 1st I wondered if someone had FF my life and it was, in reality, April 1st.
Let aid to the poor and destitute be left to the whim of random private givers - was the thrust of Smoggy’s smug slaver.
Refraining from defenestrating my innocent radio I hesitated. What ho, this chappy Smug-Mogg has – I realised – a smattering of the grey matter mixed in with the mush mash in his privileged bonce. Where his little bit of a tired sounding spite falls off a cliff is that it doesn’t go far enough. Come on Mr. Mogg; let us go the whole hog.
Don’t reduce aid or even schmooze around the rich trying to get them to divert their precious ill-gotten pennies from off-shore accounts to dying infants, just bloody well cut aid entirely. THEN get rid of the hidden subsidies that keep down the prices of almost everything Westerners buy on a daily basis – food especially. We can afford to throw away more than 30% of the food we buy BECAUSE farmers in Africa are living on dirt. Expensive as food seems, it reaches us at a hugely reduced price. This cost gap is paid for by the exploitation of the very folk we chuck a bit of charity at every time red nose day snouts round.  
Granted the average price of people’s basic weekly shop could rise by 80 -100% depending on which figures you use. But at least those who have successfully been fed the lie that WE subsidise THEM through aid would finally GET IT in a very real way. Or rather they would get a bit less of it and those who at the moment don’t get enough will get some. Ta da!
It’s a win, win situation. More food for them, less obesity, cancer and diabetes for us.
Well done Moggy

And I apologise – I keep suggesting topics one week that will follow the next only to get hijacked by another idea. I have a bit of a backlog now and will stop flagging up potential ‘next week’ subjects. Also thanks for the big love response to the Wile-e-Coyote article last week – you crazers!

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