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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

18. Elitism for All

I’m confused. Isn’t sex equality for royalty like giving the flu jab to someone who just had their leg blown off? Isn’t it like making car fumes smell nice? Isn’t it like passing a law to make looters wipe their feet? Isn’t it just mad? I mean isn’t it just totally missing the issue by about three galaxies and a black hole? If you are going to continue to support ultimate elitism in all its ridiculous glory and preposterous silliness – why get squeamish all of a sudden about fairness for one woman? Though of course with all the fanfare, political time, energy, international chat, news air-play and righteous posturing, it’s clearly me that is out of step. Passing a law that will affect one body out of xxxbillion is clearly a priority even if that person is less in need of legislative or any other support than any other child ever to be born anywhere at any time ever. And it must, must be rushed through because at some time way into the future when the royal great grandmother, grandfather and father have all had their turns with the dressing up clothes on the gold seat, it’s clearly going to matter! It certainly isn’t just something else that’s being waved around to distract us from the mess that the others of the privileged minority got us into. Oh no it isn’t.
Ever the optimist – I realised there must be a positive side to this and – glory be - I think I found it. Maybe – just maybe – it will lead to other strange, anachronistic, elitist organisations or individuals also deciding to introduce random egalitarian or lefty flavoured incongruities into their repertoire of bonkersness. This will liven things up a bit and keep us entertained. I name this new phenomenon,
Elitism for All
Royals finally get gender equality so…
White Supremacists, they’re supporting equal pay
Neo Cons make tree hugging compulsory
Racists think it’s fine if you are gay

The Gun Lobby have gone macrobiotic
Klu Klux Klansmen want the poor to have fair rent
Donald Trump got yoga for the homeless
Sarah Palin backs Chris Rock for president

Fascists endorse co-operatives for Lesbians
Free biodegradable coffins for the sick
And all because upon the throne of Eng-er-land
A Liz can be a queen before a Dick


Next week – sycophancy – a very English sickness… unless I’m sick of that subject.

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