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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Amanda's Fringe!

Amanda Baker was interviewed by an interviewer (or possibly a stalker or a member of the audience who was just being kind) after a performance at Free Sisters. Free Sisters is the fantastic 120-seat (plus three benches some standing room and a couple of extra seats obscured by pillars) Edinburgh Fringe venue. She had some fascinating insights into the frolics and fun of the Free Fringe.

‘I wasn’t intending to do Edinburgh again’, said Amanda ‘I’m a bit sick of the Edinburgh monsoon season but couldn’t turn down indoor gigs. Previously I’ve been on the streets with those guys with red mohecan hair cuts juggling chain saws and those fabulously talented actors who cover themselves in gold paint and stand really, really, REALLY still and those fantastic magicians who eat playing cards – I think they’re called Mario’.

‘I got 13 stars for my performances’ claims Ms Baker ‘I know it’s only usual to get five but my mum gave me two and the compeer had a couple spare, there were some lying on the floor and obviously you have to allow for inflation – which is really high in Scotland because Alex Salmond wants elocution or something’.

In response to the interviewer’s searching question ‘How do you feel?’ (we think the interviewer was just up from the Olympics), Amanda replied ‘It was great-amazing-fantastic-awesome. Basically I was on the stage with – like – this mic – and talking and – like – the people sitting on the chairs were – like – laughing – so – yeah – wow.’

As the interviewer was leaving, having heard that he was just up from the Olympics, Amanda had a query of her own, ‘I didn’t get to see the Olympics cos of the Fringe – can you tell me how Ethiopia did in the Dressage?’ The interviewer said he wasn’t sure but he thought they fared better than Mogadishu in the yachting!

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